Prairie Hawk Dental VIVOSⓇ Child Guide


The biggest cause of sleep apnea is from the underdevelopment of the upper and lower jaw during childhood. Crooked or crowded teeth are signs that the teeth are not growing properly, such children that suffer from crooked or crowded teeth often have a hard time sleeping at night. Not sleeping can bring some serious health risks. Here, at Prairie Hawk Dental, we believe that it is vital and important to take measures necessary to help the jaw grow properly now, which will also help prevent future problems that may arrive.


Sleep Apnea Appliance

The main use of the VIVOS system at a young age is to be able to prevent any sleeping and breathing issues in the future. Just as it is used for an adult, the children who suffer from underdevelopment of their jaws can receive a custom made retainer called the DNA Appliance, (Daytime Nighttime Appliance).

DNA appliances are custom made to the child to help their jaws grow properly so that the airway can be opened, making it easier to breathe. It is to be worn in the evenings and during the night from 12-24 months. When the appliance is being worn, it is giving a small constant pressure that is expanding the palate of the mouth. This expansion can help construct the airway making it less crowded and ultimately easier to breathe. This process for children is to mainly help prevent them from having to deal with sleep apnea in the future.

Benefits of DNA Appliance for Children

DNA appliance helps guide the jaws into place but also helps plan for newly erupted teeth ensuring that they have enough room in the mouth

    Prevents sleep apnea as an adult
    Non-surgical and non-invasive
    Naturally helps the alignment of teeth improving the structure of the face
    Could be an alternative to braces

This discovery of how to help prevent sleep apnea in children is an amazing opportunity to guarantee easy breathing nights rest. If you would like to receive more information about how the VIVOS system can help you, please give us a call or schedule an appointment!